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‘Slumdog-inspired’ Bollywood bug bites Britain

London, May 10 (ANI): Thanks to the runaway success of Slumdog Millionaire, Britain’s film industry has undergone “the Bollywood makeover”.
Following the triumph of the Oscar-award winning film, several British films are either set in India or poking fun at the culture clash experienced by British Indians.

What’s more, these films are scheduled for release, hoping to catch the same East-West audience that made such a hit of Danny Boyle’s tale about a boy who wins India’s version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’.

Studio bosses in the UK are hoping to replicate the success of Slumdog Millionaire, which has so far taken 227million pounds at the international box office, reports The Independent.

New films in production include Indian Summer, which is being filmed on location in the subcontinent. It tells the story of the last days of colonial rule and is directed by Joe Wright.

“India is a fascinating, extraordinary place. What’s happening there is going to affect us more and more, whether in film-industry terms or politically with what’s happening in Pakistan,” Wright told Variety magazine.

Gurinder Chadha, who directed the 2002 sleeper hit Bend it Like Beckham, is currently making It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, which is set in London.

It stars the Indian actress Shabana Azmi and is a comedy about a British Asian mother’s attempts to marry off her daughter, which leads to a bout of serial killing.

Blame it on the Bhangra is another comedy about a British Asian girl trying to break into the macho world of bhangra dancing. It is being developed by Origin Pictures.

Rafta, Rafta is another comedy set in an Indian community in the north of England, in which two newlyweds find it hard to consummate their marriage. (ANI)

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