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‘Skinny’ Courtney Love advised by doctor to ‘start eating’

New York, July 02(ANI): Courtney Love, who has been spotted looking skinny in recent months, has been advised by a doctor to take proper meals to avoid her health from deteriorating.

The former Hole lead singer told U.K.’s Daily Mirror that a doctor has prescribed her a shot of vitamins and told her to “start eating.”

“I know I’ve got too skinny. I know I need to sort it out,” the New York Daily News quoted Love as saying.

Love is also in a financial crisis.

It began from March 2008 when she reported to the police that identity thieves had posed as the late Cobain in order to buy a 3 million dollars New Jersey mansion and loot as much as 72 million dollars from his estate.

It has gone from bad to worse for Love as it was reportedly estimated that she was suffering losses as high as 750 million dollars, or basically the entire fortune Cobain left to Love and their daughter, Frances Bean, earlier this year. (ANI)

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