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Sir David Attenborough wants to be reincarnated as a bonking beast!

London, June 4 (ANI): TV naturalist Sir David Attenborough has revealed that he wants to come back as an animal with a wild sex life.

The 82-year-old ‘Life on Earth’ star fancies being reincarnated as a creature which mates in an unusual way, The Sun reports.

The guilty secret was revealed in a new show on BBC Radio 4.

He said: “People often say, ‘What would you like to be if you came back to Earth as an animal?’ Well the answer I give depends on the company I’m with.

“If it’s a bit racy, I daresay my mind would wander over a range of animals remarkable for the extravagance of their reproductive techniques.”

The father-of-two is preparing to visit the Arctic and Antarctic to film The Frozen Planet for the BBC. (ANI)

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