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Simon Cowell regrets turning down $150K sex judge offer

Washington, June 1 (ANI): Music mogul Simon Cowell has said that he regrets refusing 150,000 dollars for judging two fans’ sexual skills, and is now ready to rate them, provided they give him 250,000 dollars.

Last year, the ‘American Idol’ judge was approached by an unnamed couple at a restaurant, who asked him to join them in the bedroom.

While Cowell turned them down flat, he now wishes he hadn’t been so hasty.

“Mr. Stupid said no,” Contactmusic quoted the talent show judge as saying.

And recently, Cowell used an appearance on America’s Late Show, to address the couple and urged them to get in touch.

“If you’re watching, with inflation, it’s now $250,000 and I am available,” he said:

He added, “There’s no ending to the story. It starts off interesting… and then I said no. I absolutely should have taken the money and done it.”

Cowell has insisted that the only thing he finds interesting in the offer is money and the experience, as the couple who offered him the cash weren’t attractive.

“That was the problem,” he said. (ANI)

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