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Sienna Miller thinks Cate Blanchett will make a ‘better’ Maid Marian

New Delhi, July 2 (ANI): Sienna Miller believes that Cate Blanchett, who has replaced her in Ridley Scott’s epic Robin Hood, will make a “better” Maid Marian than her.

The actress, who was due to star alongside Russell Crowe in the upcoming big-budget drama, said that there were no hard feelings against 40-year-old Cate, who she said was “more suitable” for the role, reports the China Daily.

She told Total Film magazine: “There was nothing salacious. The script kept changing and evolving, to the point where I was no longer appropriate for it. Cate’s 10 years older than me, which is more suitable for the script.”

She added: “If they’d recast it with Keira Knightley, I’d have been heartbroken, but they’ve gone for something different – and better, in my opinion. If I had the choice between Cate Blanchett and me, I’d go for Cate Blanchett!” (ANI)

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