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Sex-starved Peter called it quits with Jordan in a jealous rage, say pals

London, May 13 (ANI): Peter Andre’s friends have revealed that the singer had been sex-starved by his estranged wife Jordan for four months, and that it was in a jealous rage that he called it quits after seeing photos of Jordan with another man.

Peter ended his marriage just months after participating in the London marathon with Jordan.

“Katie used training for the marathon as an excuse for refusing sex. She said she was constantly knackered and needed to conserve her energy,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

The photos of a drunk Jordan partying with her coach Andrew Gould and pals infuriated Peter even more, and he eventually ended his marriage.

“Peter had become convinced she preferred spending time at the paddock and with her horse riding pals than with him. He flew into a jealous rage when he saw the photos of her horseplay at the club in Bristol. He knew she’d spent the day with her pals from the paddock – and said he couldn’t trust her when she was drinking. This was the final straw,” the source said.

The former duo also engaged in constant arguments on their ITV show.

Jordan ranted on the ITV show: “You’re a f****** knob – I can’t stand you. No one knows who you are. You’re an old f****** singer no one knows about.”

Peter retaliated by branding the mother of 3 kids a “stupid, miserable, arrogant cow.” (ANI)

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