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Sandra Bullock was bullied in school over frumpy German clothes

Washington, July 15 (ANI): Sandra Bullock has revealed that she was often bullied during her time in high school for sporting frumpy clothes bought in Germany.

The actress and her younger sister Gesine frequently travelled from their home in Virginia to the European country for the performance of their German opera singer-mother Helga.

The Miss Congeniality star said that the constant travelling back and forth left her with little sense about fashion in the US.

“I would make the switch on the plane from speaking English to German or vice versa, depending on whichever country we were going to,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

“I’d come back (to school) from Europe and I looked like a clown compared to the cool way the other students looked and dressed. So I got my ass whooped a little bit. Kids are mean, and the sad thing is that I can still remember the first and last names of every one of those kids who were mean to me!” she added. (ANI)

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