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Sandra Bullock claims she’s a ‘hard to handle’ wife

Washington, July 13 (ANI): Sandra Bullock has confessed that she is a “hard to handle” wife, and is lucky that her husband Jesse James accepts her for who she is.

The ‘Proposal’ actress, stepmother to Jesse’s three children, praises her husband for living with a difficult person like her.

“Thankfully, I married someone who loves me just the way I am – and all the nuttiness that goes into to me,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

She added: “As long as he has his coffee and reads his newspapers in the morning then he can handle me.”

However, the 44-year-old star has admitted that life has not always been this way for her, as boys at school ignored her because she wasn’t classically beautiful.

“I was rejected in school because I didn’t look like the big-breasted, beautiful girls. I was awkward and sad. My mother always said, ‘Be original!’, but I didn’t understand until I changed to be like everyone else. Once I did fit in, I was like, ‘What have I done?'” she explained.

She further said: “I realised that my friends before were much cooler, with a great sense of humour and a way of looking at the world that was more fun.” (ANI)

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