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Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Bruno’ to have special 15-certificate version

London, July 14 (ANI): Brit comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s film ‘Bruno’ will now also have a special 15-certificate version, after many under 18 youngsters thronged movie theatres to view it.

The move was announced by studio chiefs on July 13, after hordes of young fans had to be turned away from cinemas that were showing the above 18 version, reports the Sun.

This means that 37-year-old Cohen’s controversial comedy film will be the first to have two versions released at the same time.

Now Universal Pictures will chop one minute and 50 seconds of clips from the movie to give it a 15 rating.

The clips that will be omitted from the movie are a gay sex montage of Bruno and his co-star, him miming sex as he visits a medium, and swingers having sex at a party.

The new 15-version will be released on July 24. (ANI)

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