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Sacha Baron Cohen crashes Bruno screening in New York

London, Jul 13 (ANI): Brit comedian Sacha Baron Cohen gave cinemagoers watching the New York screening of Bruno more than they bargained for, when he gatecrashed the movie.

Cohen, 37, stunned fans when he stormed into Times Square’s AMC Empire cinema as his gay Austrian fashionista creation, dressed in a silver uniform and revealing red thong.

According to the Daily Express, the actor high-fived revellers and knocked glasses off people’s faces, before jumping on to a podium and treating the audience to an x-rated pole dance.

Along with his performance, Cohen also added a few comments, in the way his character Bruno does.

“Let’s hope that this film realises its full global potential! Let’s hope it doesn’t have like a really promising start and then peter out like swine flu did! Let’s hope that, like herpes, this film continues to infect all of you,” the New York Post quoted him as saying. 

“It’s like a Benetton ad in here. New York City, the cultural melting pot. You’ve even got black guys here. I’m a chocoholic,” he added. (ANI)

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