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Russian doc: MJ tried to bribe me for deadly stimulants

London, July 17 (ANI): A Russian doctor has revealed that late Michael Jackson tried to bribe him after he refused to give him addictive drugs.

Dr Eugene Aksenoff, medical director of Tokyo’s International Clinic, said that the ‘Thriller’ hitmaker begged him for potentially life-threatening stimulants in March 2007 and offered him money, but Aksenoff refused money, reports the Sun.

He has treated Jackson and his children four times when they visited the Far East.

Aksenof, 85, said Jackson claimed that he needed them to “get through some demanding performances”.

He warned the 50-year-old singer, “They will kill you in three years – it is suicide.”

Jackson’s ‘out of control’ drug use had his crippled immune system. He had also developed allergy to sunlight.

The doctor said that he suffered from chronic fatigue, fever, insomnia and other symptoms for which he took lots of addictive drugs. (ANI)

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