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Russell Crowe may make his directorial debut in Aussie movie

London, Apr 16 (ANI): Aussie actor Russell Crowe has revealed that he may be making his directorial debut in an Australian movie.

Crowe, 45, and Universal purchased the rights to the best-selling novel ‘My Brothers Keeper’ by Sydney newspaper investigative reporters Charles Miranda and Angela Kamper last year.

The movie, based on the true life and crimes of an Australian underworld figure and his clash with a notorious Sydney surfing tribe, may be the actor’s first attempt at directing.

And though there seems to be little movement on the project, Crowe has confirmed otherwise.

“We are on our third different take on the story, probably on our second draft of our third take,” Sky News quoted him as saying.

“We approached it in one way and it worked and encapsulated it nicely but it left too many things on the table so we’ve tried it a second way and had the same result.

“We’re now in a place where we’re trying it a third way and it’s a little more satisfying in terms of the punch of the overall film,” he said.

The plot follows Sydney underworld figure Anthony Hines, his meeting with infamous Sydney surfing gang ‘the Bra Boys’, and his killing.

Crowe was tipped to play a minor role in the movie, which he would also direct, but he said he had not yet made up his mind.

“It may be (director) or it may end up being something that I’m interested in that I shepherd for a while and hand onto someone else,” he explained.

“I go kind of hot and cold with it whether its something I specifically want to do.

“But it’s set up in the right way and has the right production company attached to it, who are not impatient and who are not about the jugular vein, the shock and horror of it all…

“And that’s what was important to me – that if this film is going to be made it has got to be seated right and that’s why I took an interest in getting the right company involved,” he added. (ANI)

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