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Robot: One More Addition To The Process Of Child Birth On Screen

What probably started as a sort of idea out of the blue about projecting the process of child birth on screen, probably to create empathy for the whole process, for the first time in Salaam Namaste, indeed has now strengthened its outreach as it also forms an integral part of Robot, the new Rajinikanth starrer as well.



It seems that when the lead actors are associating with the process of child birth and the accompanying labor pain on the screen, they are trying to increase their fan following among the female as well. it is a brilliant idea as for a male to understand the issues involved in the whole process through the channel vehicle of dramatized projection on the screen is indeed a positive step forward in making them aware about the whole process and to develop a sense of empathy about it.

In Salaam Namaste Abhishek Bachchan created the whole scenario in a rather humorous manner probably to mitigate the process of pain associated with the whole paraphernalia and it was an integral highlight of the film, in which even the female audience also participated humorously.

It got a wider manifestation in 3 Idiots where Aamir Khan along with his gang of idiots was involved in the whole process of childbirth leveraging the tools of technology and new research innovations, the idea behind the whole process being to exorcise the stigma built around it and to present it as a matter of fact event in the life of an average human being as a part of the process of growth in the average human cycle. Aamir Khan and his gang of Idiots had a sense of bewilderment written on them in the whole process, probably the underlining feature that male of the fraternity was being exposed to the process for the first time so a sense of being dumb-stuck coming on to the screen.

Robot has gone one step further where a humanoid is shown facilitating the process of child birth, a pointer to the fact that in the near future with the advancements in the human science, the robots could indeed take the job of performing critical operations in cases where human interventions could be circumspect on account of the involuntary movement of the nerves in the body that may have repercussions on the patient’s life.

It is a welcome step forward and as directors are including such complicated processes as a part of the narrative it could also help in simplifying the complicated medical process for average human beings.

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