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‘Regular mum’ Madonna rushes with Mercy to Kabbalah meeting

London, July 6 (ANI): Madonna appeared to be a “regular mum” when she was seen dashing for a Kabbalah meeting with her newly adopted daughter Mercy.

The Queen of Pop was spotted towing the three-year-old’s hand, as they hurried their way into London’s West End streets.

The singer’s family, including her adopted son David Banda, 3, daughter Lourdes, 12, and son Rocco, 8, tailed behind for the trip to the Kabbalah Centre.

“She looked like any mum rushing to an appointment,” the Sun quoted a by-stander as saying.

“The kids seemed very happy, although the sights and sounds of London had dazed the little girl a bit. Her new life is a far cry from what she’s used to,” the by-stander added.

Mercy is reportedly set to tour Italy, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, and Israel with her new mum in coming months. (ANI)

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