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Reality TV – Love It Or Hate It But You Just Cannot Ignore It

Reality TV

Reality TV

Today is the era of reality Television, a place where fiction meets reality. There was a time when our Television sets were full of melodramatic daily soaps. TV shows without stringent story-lines, soon became increasingly popular with the audience. Ordinary people captured in real-life situations seemed to amuse the audience, which was bombarded with ultra-dramatic soaps and movies.

Reality television broke the monotony to create interesting scripts and out-of the box ideas that made them stand out from the run-of-the-mill shows. Although drama-lovers are still glued to their idiot boxes at prime time, reality shows are hogging the limelight big time.

Some of these reality shows are talent hunts, game shows, celebrity shows, documentary-style shows, makeover shows, or some of them are just plain voyeurism personified. However different their concepts might be, all the reality shows run on the same path. They put ordinary people or celebrities in real-life situations and allow the audience to enjoy the thrill of watching them!

Besides giving the audience the thrill and excitement of live un-edited action, reality television allows the audience to be a part of the show. Some reality shows like Indian Idol allow the audience to choose the winner through a voting system. Although the credibility of these voting systems is debated about forever, the interactivity factor definitely fetches the show a lot of following.

Reality shows do entertain people but the question is how real it is?

Well, reality TV is far away from reality, it is far from everyday life.  We have shows like Fear Factor where people eat bugs, the term “every day” is the farthest thing from what these shows are.

But what is alluring about reality shows is to see how far these shows will go. Because they are depending on real people for their entertainment, they have to come up with some pretty far out scenarios and concepts to keep our attention.

And maybe the reason reality TV is so big is because we simply have nothing better to do with our time and we look for any excuse to sit in front of the TV and watch whatever is on. Sure, some reality television is pretty good, but there is quite a bit of it that leaves a lot to be desired as far as entertainment value. Yet, we keep watching them back week after week. It simply means that reality TV must have something to it. But what exactly it is we need to find out.

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