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Ram Gopal Verma all set to scare viewers with a horror thriller

Mumbai, June 3 (ANI): Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma is all set to scare the audience with his latest horror thriller ‘Agyaat’.

The unknown element that starts killing the crew members who go to the forest for a shoot and get caught there, is what Verma tries to bring forth in the film.

Verma tries to create horror and mystery by not showing the killer and hence named the film ‘Agyaat’.

“I wanted to call it ‘Agyaat’ because it’s unknown. We don’t get to see what is it, which is killing, and what is it, which is after them. The point is that it is unknown. So, I just wanted to profound sound to the concept of unknown. That’s the reason, I call it ‘Agyaat’,” he said.

According to Verma, the uniqueness of the film lies in the fact that unlike other horror films, where one can see the killer, in ‘Agyaat’, there is no trace of the killer.

Verma made use of innovative camera techniques to bring out the element of unknown, which is integral to the film.

Verma, who has been credited with giving Bollywood some of its gangster and horror films, says he only tries to bring out an interesting story.

“As a film maker, my job is to tell a story interestingly. I mean, if I make a film on gangster, I don’t need to be a gangster; I don’t need to believe in underworld for that.

Eventually, I’m capturing a given story which is interesting and entertaining and use the medium to do it as effectively as I can,” said Verma.

Inspired by Hollywood, the film has elements from Predator, Alien, Anaconda and Blair Witch Project.

‘Agyaat’ will hit the cinema halls on July 24. (ANI)

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