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Priyanka Chopra finds ‘Pyaar Impossible’

Mumbai, May 13 (ANI): Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra launched a website on her upcoming movie ‘Pyaar Impossible’ here on Tuesday.

The website named is launched for Bollywood fans to take a sneak peak into the updates of the movie before it is released.

“It is very exciting. We have launched the ‘Pyaar Impossible’ website and I don’t think there has been a follow up in any films. Everyday, every-three four days randomly, whenever there will be anything interesting, there will be an update on the website,” said Chopra.

The romantic comedy is seen as a bid to re-launch Uday Chopra’s acting image by Yashraj films.

Uday plays the lead along with Priyanka.

“The story is very different. The fact is that here is a guy who is in love with this woman. She is somebody who is totally out of his league. It’s probably again the only similarity. Besides it is a romantic comedy which is very different from the T.V series,” said Priyanka.

The film directed by Jugal Hansraj is all set to go to Bangkok for a one-and-a-half month shooting schedule. (ANI)

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