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Posh learning how to deal with earthquakes

New Delhi, Jun 1 (ANI): Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham is reportedly taking lessons on how to deal with the frequent earthquakes hitting Los Angeles.

Posh is said to have become worried with the frequent tremors occurring near her Los Angeles home, and wants to prepare herself and her three sons should anything happen, reports the China Daily.

“Victoria and the boys had a lesson in a simulator when they first moved to Los Angeles, but she didn’t realise the tremors would be so regular,” a source close to her revealed.

Posh is also said to have asked her hubby David, who is currently living in Italy while he plays for AC Milan, to join her.

“She’s now asked David to come back from Italy and take another class with her,” the source said.

The family’s mansion lies on the Newport-Inglewood fault-a 47-mile rock fracture caused by shifts in the earth’s crust – and often feels tremors.

Other sources have revealed that the singer is so concerned about the threat of earthquakes she is now considering about living in Los Angeles.

“She’s definitely having second thoughts about staying there long-term,” one source added. (ANI)

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