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Plan to film documentary as man, woman sell virginity online outrages family groups

Sydney, May 11 (ANI): A Melbourne-based filmmaker has given rise to a fresh controversy by inviting men and women to be part of a planned feature-length documentary about how youngsters these days sell their virginity online.

Justin Sisely says that he is merely exploring the idea of virginity as a commodity.

“One of the main points I want to make is that right now, young people give away their virginity. Imagine if it was suddenly worth something – people wouldn’t throw it away,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying.

Posters appearing around Sydney are offering 20,000 dollars for virgins to appear in the documentary.

The would-be stars — a man and a woman — must be prepared to be filmed as they auction their virginity online.

For being part of the film, they will be given the cash, 90 per cent of the winning bid, and, presumably, a night out.

The project has outraged family groups, who have branded it prostitution.

Sisely does concede the prostitution argument.

“You can’t deny that selling sex is prostitution. It is. That’s what makes it controversial,” he said.

The filmmaker revealed that he had been contacted by about 100 people, most in their early 20s, and that the oldest person to contact him was 26.

He said that the two stars would be filmed visiting psychologists, and taking a lie-detector test to ensure their purity but the deed would not be screened.

“It’s not a porno,” he insisted. (ANI)

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