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Pitt pokes fun at Gibson’s 2006 DUI arrest at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards

Washington, June 1 (ANI): Brad Pitt reportedly teased Mel Gibson about his 2006 DUI arrest at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Gibson was seen riding on a horse and wearing a Viking helmet when he opened the show.

He later introduced Fight Club, which was inducted into the Guy Hall of Fame.

Pitt poked fun at Gibson while accepting the honour, according to reports.

“Thanks, sugar t***!” Us magazine quoted Pitt as telling Gibson as he accepted the honour.

It is alleged that Gibson had called a female police officer “sugar t*** when he was arrested for DUI.

Pitt, his Fight Club co-star Ed Norton and director David Fincher later read all of the bad reviews of Fight Club and cheered at each criticism. (ANI)

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