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Peter Andre recorded song about crumbling marriage months ago

London, May 13 (ANI): It seems singer Peter Andre knew that his marriage to Jordan was heading for a splitsville, as he had recorded a song titled ‘Call Me a Doctor’ about his crumbling marriage six months ago.

Peter revealed his grief in the song by hinting that it’s difficult for him to let go his marriage, but he has been forced to do so.

According to the Mirror, the lyrics of the song are: “This girl was all I needed. It hurts bad cos I was true to her. I gotta walk away. She was my girl, my closest friend, my honey, This girl was all I ever needed. What will I do now that I’m leaving? It hurts bad ‘cos I was true to her. I’m regretting having anything to do with her. I guess I gotta just walk away. The doctor says there ain’t no medication for my pain. So I’m done baby, I’m gone.”

The song revealed the anguish Peter had been going through, as he is known for writing lyrics close to his heart.

“Peter puts his heart and soul into his music and the lyrics were really personal to him. It’s pretty obvious they are about Katie and the problems they’ve been having,” a source said.

“But it’s shocking to say the least that he was writing all this stuff so long ago. It’s clear their relationship has been fraught for some time,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Peter has brushed off Jordan’s efforts for any kind of reconciliation.
“Katie has said she is heartbroken after Peter called time on their marriage,” the source added. (ANI)

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