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Pals challenge Indian Big Brother Housemate Sree’s virgin claims

London, June 6 (ANI): The Indian student in the Big Brother House, Sree Dasari, has been dubbed a “sex mad” by his university pals, something that puts a question mark to his claims of being a virgin.

Sree had told Big Brother bosses that he was waiting for the right girl before doing the deed-claims that left his university chums gobsmacked.

They have claimed that Sree is pretending that he’s never had sex, only to impress girls in the house, and also to avoid upsetting his conservative Hindu parents.

“Sree is not a virgin – he is sex mad,” the Sun quoted a male pal at Hertfordshire University.

He added: “He loves the ladies and he sees himself as a womaniser. He is absolutely obsessed. Sree is always carrying on with women. He has had girlfriends and he’s certainly a red-blooded male.”

One female student, on conditions of anonymity, revealed how Sree made a pass at her in the union bar.

She said: “He was very full on. He isn’t shy at all. He was really touchy-feely. I wasn’t interested but he kept pulling me towards him. I don’t think he’s shy. He knew what he was doing.”

In fact, a video of the Indian Housemate dirty dancing in a student bar has been released, which shows the “shy” 25-year-old bumping and grinding with two girls.

The one-minute video shows Sree, who is studying a masters degree in business and wants to be prime minister, groping the mystery dancers’ bottoms and boobs.

In the clip, Sree can be seen gyrating with a voluptuous dancer in a green top, who later bends the housemate over and spanks his bottom provocatively.

One pal who has seen the video said: “That’s just an average night out for Sree. He is always behaving outrageously – and often he gets into trouble. He has been thrown out of more parties than I can remember for chatting women up relentlessly.” (ANI)

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