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O’Neal, Redmond break down in tears over Farrah Fawcett’s final letters

Washington, Jul 2 (ANI): Actor Ryan O’Neal and his son Redmond broke down in tears when the final letters of late actress Farrah Fawcett were read out during her funeral service on June 30.

The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star had written two letters before her death, and a friend of hers read out the letter that had been written to O’Neal, detailing the ups and downs of their on/off 30-year relationship.

“When I figure out what it is all about, I can tell you,” Contactmusic quoted the message the friend read out.

The letter the actress had written for her troubled son Redmond was just as moving.

“The greatest gift of my life was to be your mother. By leaving you behind I hope you will be able to work out all your troubles and grow as a person,” it had stated. (ANI)

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