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New 3-D King Kong to return to Universal studios in 2010

New Delhi, May 20 (ANI): After the original King Kong was destroyed when a fire broke out in the Universal studios, the film company has decided to entertain fans with a new 3-D attraction.

The studio sources have revealed that new 3-D attraction featuring the great robotic ape will open in summer 2010 as part of its much-hyped tour, reports the China Daily.

The tour’s towering robotic King Kong was destroyed, when a fire ripped through part of the studio’s back lot, also destroying New York Street and other sets.

The New York street and other sets will also open to the audience in 2010.

The new King Kong will be based on Peter Jackson’s 2005 flick.

Guests will wear special 3-D glasses as they ride trams into a darkened soundstage featuring a brawl between King Kong and a dinosaur, once the tour opens in 2010. (ANI)

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