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Mom’s no show at Brooke Hogan’s 21st birthday bash

Washington, May 13 (ANI): Brooke Hogan’s mother Linda Bollea was notably absent from her daughter’s 21st birthday party.

The singer brought in her coming-of-age birth anniversary last week at Sin City’s Spago Restaurant alongside her boyfriend, father Hulk, brother Nick, and a few close friends.

Brooke made multiple efforts to contact her mother and let her know that she was more than welcome at any of her birthday celebrations, and that she would love her to be there.

But, a source said, Linda preferred not to attend the intimate affair.

“Linda was really, really hurt. But Brooke has sided with her father in all of this, she was adamant about not celebrating with her mom or extending an invitation,” Fox News quoted another source as saying.

And after the dinner, Brooke partied with her beau inside PURE nightclub, while typically protective Hulk looked on disapprovingly.

Linda filed for divorce from the semi-retired, pro-wrestling husband in November 2007. (ANI)

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