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MJ’s dermatologist admits he once donated sperm

London, July 10 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s dermatologist has admitted that he once donated his sperm, but still believes that he’s not the biological dad of the late King of Pop’s two kids Prince and Paris.

“I still can’t answer it absolutely one way or the other. I once donated sperm. I once donated sperm to a sperm bank,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“I think to the best of my knowledge I am not the father. If they want a DNA test they can have my DNA,” he added.

Klein, who is under scrutiny for prescribing powerful sedatives to Jackson, says that he’s concerned about kids, and will protect them in whichever way he can.

“My concern is his kids because I have never met children like it. They are the brightest and best behaved children I have ever met,” he said.

“I know how deeply he loved them and how deeply they loved him. No matter what I will protect these children.

“Here’s the most important thing. Michael loved those children as a father, those children loved him as a father.

“The most important thing about the father is who their children want him to be. The most important thing to these children is how Michael loved them and how they loved him,” he added.

A source said: “Arnie and Debbie were very close. Along with Michael, all three of them spent lots of time as a trio. Although Arnie and Debbie are not so tight now they still talk and have had conversations since Michael’s death.” (ANI)

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