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Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner in battle of the push-ups!

Washington, May 1 (ANI): American actor Matthew McConaughey and his ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’ co-star Jennifer Garner were revealed to have competed against one another on-set, each one trying to outdo the other as they did push-ups.

The two romantic co-stars pitted against one another before every take.

“They are actually both really intense hard workers and both athletes by nature,” Fox News quoted director Mark Water as saying at the Hollywood premiere this week.

“They would actually get very competitive with each other because Matthew pumps himself up by doing push-ups before every take.

“Eventually Jennifer started to do push-ups too, and there was one-handed push ups, who could beat the other person? They were all pushing each other out and I was sitting there with my big belly from eating Dunkin Donuts going ‘guys look we have to do a take please’,” he stated.

For 37-year-old Garner, even carrying baby number two, did not stop her from competing with McConaughey, 39, and she too sweated it out as much as he did.

“We had to pick up a shot, when I was six months pregnant, and Matthew did push-ups all the time before to get himself pumped up,” Garner explained.

“We were picking up this shot one day and so he stopped down, jumped down, and started doing his push ups. I just said ‘I am sick of watching you do these’ so I just matched him,” she said.

But McConaughey has on the other hand said it was actually Garner who put the hard word on him.

“I didn’t get her doing them. She got me doing them so I would hop down and do ten or so (push-ups) before a scene to just kind of break a little bit of a sweat. She would bop down and do fifteen and she started upping it every single time,” he argued.

“Its more mental actually than physical for when you are doing it on a daily basis when I am working. It’s just about a little physical excursion – kind of loosens up my brain and helps me be more creative,” he added.

When asked who ended up winning the war, Water confidently said, “Matthew.” (ANI)

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