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Angry Susan Boyle rants four-letter words after strangers ‘wind her up’

London, May 28 (ANI): Britain’s Got Talent finalist Susan Boyle flared up before hundreds of hotel guests after two strangers set out to “wind her up”.

The singing sensation was said to have blew her temper with two four-letter outbursts in a day while staying at the Wembley Plaza Hotel in North London.

Cops were involved after the 48-year-old lost her cool in the lobby after being approached by two strangers, who a BGT spokesman said had been “trying to wind her up”.

“How f***ing dare you! You can’t f***ing talk to me like that,” the Sun quoted her as being heard.

And when one of two officers stationed at the hotel went up and asked: “Is there a problem?”

Susan raged: “Of course there’s a f***ing problem.”

The amateur singer then reportedly stormed out followed by her family, production staff and the cops, who later spoke to her for some time.

One officer allegedly said: “You are in the public eye, you must learn to expect this sort of thing.”

And a pal of Susan’s told her: “You can’t act like this.”

One onlooker added: “It took her a long time to calm down from whatever upset her. She was breathing heavily and in a terrible rage.

“The pressure is obviously getting to Susan. Perhaps all the fame is too much for her.”

Susan came one step closer to winning the title after reaching the finals with her stunning version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats song Memory.

A staggering 13.6million viewers had tuned into ITV1 to watch the songbird perform in the recent semi-finals while more than a million visited YouTube to see her latest performance.

The star since her jaw dropping audition has won fans all over the globe, including US President Barack Obama and Hollywood couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. (ANI)

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