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Lohan ‘bans Tweed from London bash’

London, June 8 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan reportedly banned Jack Tweed from coming near her while partying at a London club.

The actress was said to have barred Jade Goody’s widower and his pal Dane Bowers from stepping into the VIP section of Studio Valbonne.

The rejected pair, in a desperate bid to get close to the 22-year-old, later pleaded with the management for the table that oversaw that of Lindsay’s, according to reports.

“There was such a carry on to join Lindsay that it was hilarious,” the Mirror quoted one reveller as saying.

“But Linds was not impressed with all the fuss and kept putting her hat over her face to stop people taking pics. She cheered up when a  Michael Jackson medley came on and started thrusting away, hand over crotch, to make her pals laugh,” the reveller added.

Lindsay, who reportedly remained at bay from alcohol, ended her eight-hour bender at 4am. (ANI)

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