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Lily Allen was banned from singing rude words at Brit radio

London, May 11 (ANI): Lily Allen has revealed that she was banned from singing rude words during a performance at a music festival run by BBC Radio 1.

The pop sensation said that she could not help but giggle as she attempted to be decent while singing ‘Not Fair’ at the recent ‘Radio 1 Big Weekend’.

“I’m so sorry. They told me I’m not allowed to say rude bits and I can’t stop laughing because I think I’m going to slip up,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

The paper said that the 24-year-old left the event bosses biting their nails when she said: “I don’t know what to wear so I think I might just go naked. In fact I think everyone coming to watch should go naked. I want to see the whole crowd naked.”

However, the daughter of actor-musician Keith Allen eventually decided against it at the concert in Swindon. (ANI)

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  1. It’s her wry, sense of humor, again. She’s not that daring. what was the substitute? Oh, kneading bread all day, that’s funny, because it’s stupid. I watched her do it on Jools Holland, and she didn’t put anything, in the censored part. I thought, she really should, come on you write songs for a living! But no, not kneading bread, something else. She’s to smart at writing to come up with kneading bread.

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