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Kim Kardashian gets drunk for first time at sis Khloe’s b’day bash

Melbourne, Jul 2 (ANI): American socialite Kim Kardashian, who admits that she never drinks, reportedly got drunk at her sister Khloe’s 25th birthday bash in Las Vegas.

Khloe revealed about Kim’s inebriation on her official blog, and also told fans that the Kardashian “krew” hit Vegas and “had the best time ever!!!”

“Kim who never drinks had two shots of Patron (Tequila) to celebrate and she was SO funny!!! I loved it!” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as writing.

Khloe also said that a fan had made her a birthday pimp chalice and she literally drank out of that.

“One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten :),” she had added. (ANI)

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