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‘Killer surgical drug’ found at Jacko’s home

London, July 2 (ANI): A killer surgical drug was reportedly among the cocktail of prescription drugs found at Michael Jackson’s LA home after he passed away on June 25.

Propofol, dubbed “the milk of amnesia”, which is used to anaesthetise patients before surgeries, was said to have emerged at the singer’s mansion.

Experts warned the white fluid, also called Diprivan, could bring on cardiac arrest, from which Jackson apparently died, if mixed with narcotic painkillers like Demerol, allegedly given to the star before his death.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Pearlman Hicks, who never treated the King of Pop, warned about the disastrous consequences of the drug, believed to have been given to Jackson as a sleeping aid.

“Diprivan is an anaesthetic drug. It is used in operating theatres. It should definitely not have been in Michael Jackson’s home…It is such a dangerous drug it could kill you in a minute. It needs to be administered by a trained professional in a controlled environment and should only be used when surgery is taking place. To hear that it was in Michael’s house is a very frightening thing,” British tabloid The Sun quoted him as saying.

Jackson’s nurse Cherilyn Lee also revealed that she had teamed up with the icon three months ago to help him with his insomnia and restore his energy values for his comeback concerts in London.

The nutritionist revealed that she was mortified on being told that doctors had previously given Propofol to Jackson.

She said: “I told him it wasn’t safe. I said this medication will cause a lot of problems. I said, ‘You’re so concerned with wanting to sleep and sleep well – but my concern is, if you have something like this, will you wake up’?” (ANI)

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