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Keanu Reeves slams Canadian woman’s child support lawsuit

Washington, May 30 (ANI): Keanu Reeves has slammed a Canadian woman, who is seeking millions of dollars in a lawsuit filed against the actor.

Karen Sala alleges that she’s childhood friends with the Matrix star, who she claims he is the father of her four kids.

The 46-year-old is insisting upon a DNA test to prove her claim in an attempt to land 3 million dollars a month in spousal support and another 150,000 dollars in child support.

Sala further alleges that she had been “privately” trying to reach a settlement with the Hollywood heartthrob for years.

Reeves, 44, on the other hand, insists he does not even know the woman.

“Karen Sala’s allegations are completely false and absurd. Mr. Reeves has no knowledge of who she is,” Contactmusic quoted his spokesperson as saying.

Putting out a warning for media, the actor’s business manager added: “Before you disparage my client and lend validity to this, there’s clearly something wrong with someone who claims child support after all the kids have grown. I’m just pointing that out.” (ANI)

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