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Jordan’s ex-lover tells cops he was with her during ‘suspected drink-driving car crash’

London, May 27 (ANI): There seems to be more trouble in Jordan’s life because her former lover Dane Bowers, interrogated in connection with a suspected drink-driving case, has told cops that he was staying with Jordan at the time of the car crash being probed.

The police rushed to Jordan’s mansion after neighbours heard a “huge bang” at 4am only to find Bowers standing next to the car.

However, Dane claimed that the car was crashed by a thief, and that he was with Jordan at the time.

Officers are waiting to question Jordan to verify whether the statement given by Dane is true or not.

Though the crashed car was owned by Dane’s pal Adam, the car keys were found in Dane’s pocket.

“They were taken to a station to work out who was driving – and that is when Mr Bowers said Jordan could give him an alibi. Exactly what he was doing with Jordan is not part of the investigation,” the Sun quoted a police source as saying.

“She is just needed to verify he was where he was when he said. She will be asked if Mr Bowers drove away from the address or if she understands the car was taken,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Dane was banned for 16 months for drink-driving in 2004. (ANI)

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