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Jordan, Peter Andre ‘vow never to speak to one another again’

London, Jun 6 (ANI): Brit glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan and her hubby Aussie singer Peter Andre have vowed to never speak to one another again, and to only communicate through their lawyers, it has emerged.

Both are trying their best to hold things together, but the resentment between them is so that they cannot bear to be in the same room with one each other.

“Pete knows that even if he and Kate tried to talk it would only erupt into a horrific row, and neither of them can handle that right now,” the Daily Star quoted a friend of theirs as saying.

“They are both desperately trying to hold things together, but behind it all they are both in a mess.

“Kate is desperate to know what went wrong but things are still so raw for Pete he can’t bear to face it.

“Kate has now put up her defence mechanism and is saying Pete has blown it. I’d be amazed if they see each other out of choice again,” the pal said.

Andre’s spokeswoman confirmed he had gone to the house to pick up some belongings and said the children were now spending a few days with him.

“It is looking unlikely at the moment that they will be able to sit down and talk,” she said.

“We are all hopeful but it is getting more unlikely,” she added. (ANI)

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