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Jordan, Peter Andre locked in new battle over kids

London, June 8 (ANI): The bitterness in Katie Price a.k.a Jordan’s relationship with estranged husband Peter Andre is showing no signs of slowing down as the pair gets into a new battle over their kids.

The glamour model let Andre take the kids for the weekend, and was furious when he gave them back early so he could rehearse a new album.
Jordan had to cancel a trip to a Leona Lewis gig in London yesterday after Andre called to say he was dropping the kids off at 1pm.

“She dropped everything when Pete called her and changed the arrangements,” the Sun quoted a close pal as saying.

“What’s odd is that Peter had been moaning he didn’t see the kids enough, then when he gets the chance he hands them back to Katie,” the pal added.

Meanwhile, Jordan has hit out over accusations that she’s a “bad mother” and reports claiming she has stopped eating and is taking sleeping pills.

“She is livid about these claims, which are categorically untrue,” a pal said.

“Katie is not taking any pills. The suggestion of this and claims she is a bad mother are grossly unfair,” the pal added. (ANI)

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