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Jordan caught in sex tape storm

London, May 27 (ANI): Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has found herself embroiled in a sex tape storm.

Big Brother star Billi Bhatti claims that the former glamour model had a 10-month “cyber-affair” with him.

He said the two spent months dabbling in steamy web-sex talk behind her hubby Peter Andre’s back.

Bhatti has released a scandalous one-minute home video, which according to him shows a naked Jordan “pleasuring herself”.

He also revealed explicit details of his alleged 10-month online “fling” in an interview.

“She was pretty dirty,” the Daily Star quoted him Bhatti as saying.

“She sent me a load of images exposing herself, as well as a video,” he added.

The 27-year-old has already been dubbed ‘Billi Liar’ after he wrongly boasted of bedding BB babe Chanelle Hayes, 20.

Meanwhile, mum-of-three Kate, 31, spent an afternoon with top media lawyers following the allegations.

Sources have revealed that the tape appears to be doctored to stitch her up. One photo appears to show Jordan on her back, naked with legs apart.

Bhatti said that his “online affair” with the star initiated after meeting her in London’s Embassy Club in August 2007.

“I didn’t think I’d hear from her, so when she found me on MySpace three days later, referring to the conversation we’d had in the club, I was quite surprised,” he said.

“I knew it was her because she was talking about the conversation we had had. That’s when we started talking and exchanged e-mail addresses. She gave me hers so I could contact her on MSN.

“I even got myself a webcam because she wanted me to.

“I started using Facebook to speak to her as well,” he added.

And their conversations gradually became “fruity” and sexually explicit, he said.

The allegations, however, have been dismissed by the troubled Jordan’s friends – and by her estranged husband Andre. (ANI)

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