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Jordan boasted Peter was her punching bag

London, May 13 (ANI): Hollywood personality Katie Price aka Jordan had boasted that Peter Andre was her “punching bag” hours before the end of their marriage.

The former duo was busy arguing with each other at rehearsals for the British Soap Awards, but they acted perfectly when on camera.

 “They were bickering over who would read what, it was really uncomfortable – although when the cameras turned on them later, they were perfect together,” the Sun quoted Jordan as saying.

However, after the rehearsals Jordan joked that they tended to have arguments very often, and that she thought Peter was her punching bag.

 “We have the odd argument,” Jordan said.

Peter replied: “We don’t realise how much we argue until we watch it back – then we argue about the argument.”

Jordan hit back: “We don’t argue, we bicker, but because we’re together all the time he’s my punch bag!”

However, after Peter called it quits, Jordan declared that she had nothing to do with the decision.

She has ever since been pleading him to take her back.

Jordan has been constantly texting and calling him in a bid to save her crumbling marriage.

“It’s over between us. All I care about is the kids,” Peter said.

A source added: “They are still civil but he refuses to talk about the status of their relationship which is really upsetting Katie.” (ANI)

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