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Jamie Foxx vows never to fly with celebrity pals

Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): Jamie Foxx has vowed that he will never travel on the same plane with another celebrity, after having had a near-death experience with pal Sean Combs last year.

Last December, the ‘Ray’ star was travelling to Las Vegas for celebrating his 41st birthday along with Diddy, but just before touching down, the aircraft nosedived and a scared Foxx was sure that he won’t survive a crash landing.
Much to his relief, the pilot managed to regain control of the plane just in time.

However, Foxx was so scared after the experience that he’s determined never to fly with another famous pal.

“I almost died. We almost crashed on the way to Vegas. And I knew something was wrong because Diddy was on his way to fly with me. That’s a strike because that’s two celebrities on a private jet, the only thing missing was some Buddy Holly music. And I’m thinking, this is too much, it’s December 13th, it’s my birthday,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“We get on the private jet, and before we flew, this girl tells me, ‘Last time I flew I almost died.’ (I was thinking), ‘Don’t you feel like we’re gonna be on E! True Hollywood Stories right now?’

“So we’re on the plane and Diddy’s doing his thing, and then the plane went (wobbled) and then you gotta hold on a minute, like, ‘Oh s**t’. But you could see the trees and then the plane careens forward and I can see the ground through the pilots’ window. and I thought, ‘OK…’

“It careens back and I turn to my man and say, ‘We’re not gonna make it’. And then finally, the pilot makes it, then we popped champagne,” he added. (ANI)

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