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Jade Goody’s funeral procession leaves for church

Jade Goody began her journey to her final resting place in a brilliant white coffin carried in a vintage Rolls Royce hearse.

The reality television star’s funeral cortege began its journey from Goody’s childhood home of Bermondsey in a solemn procession, which will end it’s journey at her Essex home.

The 27-year-old reality TV star died on 22 March after losing her seven month long battle to cervical cancer. Goody’s famous remarks, which were once slammed as dumb and ignorant, were turned into floral tributes on her hearse like “East Angular” and “Minging”, while a large pink tribute reading ‘Jade from Bermondsey’ was placed on the roof of the car, according to reports.

The star had planned a ‘bright’ funeral before she died and true to her words, thousands of supporters were seen lining the route from Bermondsey to her home in Essex to pay their last tribute to Goody.

The cortege stopped in Bermondsey market where the funeral director released a single white dove into the air, saying it was on behalf of all the people who wanted to say goodbye.

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