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Jackson’s doctor loved posing bare-chested with scantily clad girls

London, July 6 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray, who is at the centre of the probe into the superstar’s death, knew how to party hard and even posed bare-chested with scantily clad girls while promoting an energy-drink.

It has emerged that Murray, who was allegedly with the King of Pop at the time of his death, cavorted with the models on a jaunt to Trinidad and Tobago.

His companions on the trip have revealed that he loved to “party hard”, boozing with sozzled stunners into the early hours.

And newly released pictures show the 56-year-old doctor cuddling girls less than half his age.
“He certainly knew how to party,” the Sun quoted promotions girl Maggie Goldstein, 34, as saying.

Maggi apparently took a string of snaps of the doctor at play on the island.

“He joined a promotional group on the island plugging a new high-energy drink called Pit Bull which I think he’d invested in,” she said.

“And he showed he had plenty of high-energy while he was there. There were about ten models and pro-motions girls who’d been recruited in Las Vegas.

“He had a ball with them. He was up into the early hours drinking and having fun and took a particular shine to one called Tracy who was at least 20 years younger than him.

“He loved posing bare-chested with the girls,” she added.

Murray has hired high-powered lawyers to refute suggestions that he was in any way to blame for the death of 50-year-old ‘Thriller’ star.

Maggie said: “I recognised him straight away when pictures appeared of Michael Jackson’s doctor. I had no idea he was supposed to be a top heart specialist – I just thought he was an old guy with an eye for the ladies.” (ANI)

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