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Jackson’s doctor can’t legally prescribe controlled drugs in California

Washington, July 7 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s personal doctor is not licensed to administer certain levels of controlled medications in California, according to federal drug regulations.

Dr. Conrad Murray had allegedly injected the late King of Pop with the potent painkiller Demerol before the latter died in his home on June 25, a claim denied by the medic.

He was quizzed by the Los Angeles Police Department in relation to the death of the King of Pop, who died from an apparent cardiac arrest, believed to have stemmed from an overdose of prescription pills.

And now, federal authorities have said that the physician could not legally prescribe even a powerful cough medicine for the singer in California, and if he gave Demerol or Oxycontin to Jackson, it would have been illegal.

Doctors are required by the federal law to register with the Drug Enforcement Agency in the jurisdiction in which they administer, dispense or prescribe controlled substances ranging in potency.

And Murray, who is licensed to practice medicine in three states, is required to register with the DEA in all three, if he wants to be able to provide equal drug treatment to all his patients.

“Dr. Murray has DEA registration numbers in Nevada and Texas, but he does not have one in California. You absolutely have to have a registration number to prescribe controlled substances, and there was nothing in California,” Fox News quoted a federal law enforcement official as saying.

Experts cast a shadow of doubt over Murray’s actions in the star’s finals moments.

Murray was said to have spent 30 minutes performing CPR on the unconscious singer before calling 911.

He evoked serious criticism for performing CPR on Jackson’s bed, instead on the floor, where it would have been more effective.

The physician was further slammed when critics questioned why he allegedly waited half an hour to call for the emergency services.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Murray’s legal team said that she did not have any information about the doctor’s DEA registration status in California.

Miranda Sevcik said: “We don’t have that information. If it’s relevant to the investigation, I’m sure it’ll be looked into. If it’s not, it won’t be.” (ANI)

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