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Jackson’s daughter writes letters to him everyday

Washington, July 13 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya has revealed that the legend’s eleven-year-old daughter, Paris, has been writing letters to him everyday after his death.

“She wears Michael T-shirts every day and the walls of her room are covered with posters and pictures of her daddy. She still writes him letters every day, sweet lovely letters about how much she loves him. Her letters are brilliant. When you read them you cry,” Contactmusic quoted La Toya as saying.

The 53-year-old sibling of Jackson also added that Paris bought a ‘mood’ chain to place in her father’s coffin before he was buried.

The necklace, which had a metal heart on it that changes colour when it touches someone’s skin, divides into two.

And Paris kept half of it and said she will wear it “forever”.

La Toya said: “The heart is in two pieces. Paris told me, ‘I want one half to go to daddy and I will wear the other half forever’. She carefully wrapped it around his wrist. She said, ‘Daddy, this is for you’… I put one of his sequined gloves in there. And a pair of his favourite sunglasses.” (ANI)

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