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‘Jackson kids don’t think Debbie Rowe is their mother’

Washington, July 4 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s older children do not think Debbie Rowe is their real mother, according to the late singer’s former publicist.

Stuart Backerman, who worked for the star from 2002 to 2004, when Jackson faced child molestation allegations and the infamous baby-dangling incident, said that Prince Michael I, 12, Paris, 11, were far from believing that former nurse Rowe was their biological parent.

“I’m not sure exactly who they think their mother is. That was never discussed [with me]. But I do know that they didn’t think Debbie Rowe was their mother. They were told Debbie was either a friend or a relative,” CBS News quoted Backerman as having told Early Show.

Celebrity Web site claims: “Rowe wasn’t the biological mother, and was implanted, and carried the babies to term.”

Jackson named his 79-year-old mother, Katherine, as the carer for his three children in his will, adding should his mother be unable to look after the kids, then Diana Ross, 65, his long-time friend and singing superstar, should be their guardian.

No provisions were made for Rowe in the documents.

When Rowe divorced Jackson in 1999, she accepted eight hours’ custody every 45 days but signed a deal two years later to give up all her visiting rights. In return, she was paid a multi-million dollar settlement.

She said that she was ready to undergo a DNA test to prove her biological claim to the older Jackson kids.

She also said that she wanted the custody of third Jackson kid, seven-year-old Blanket, who is not her child.

Speaking about a possible bitter PR battle between Rowe and the Jackson family over the custody of the kids, Backerman added: “I don’t really think that Debbie Rowe wants to stir the pot with this custody issue. I think it was Michael’s wish that his mother be the custodial parent, look after the children. And, because she cared for Michael very, very much and, as I said, came to his support on a number of occasions, I’d really be surprised if she stirred the pot here and created a real furor, because that furor would ultimately have an impact on the children, and I don’t think she wants to see that happen.” (ANI)

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