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Jackson fans outraged over touts flogging funeral tickets online

London, July 6 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s fans have lashed out on touts looking to make big bucks online by auctioning the free tickets won in the lottery for the King of Pop’s funeral tomorrow.
Sellers sparked outrage after flogging seats on websites, such as eBay, for the send-off at Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

“It’s totally out of order and against the spirit of the whole event,” British tabloid The Sun quoted one outraged Julian Nelson as saying.

He added: “I was gutted not to get a ticket. But it’s worse knowing others did and all they care about is making a quick buck. The touts should be ashamed. You just don’t get lower than trying to make money off a person’s death.”

Another Jackson fan Matt Blank said: “It’s disgusting.” 

Organisers AEG Live, who own the Staples Center, said that they were trying make sure that genuine fans got tickets, but confessed that they could not guarantee the move.

Spokesman Michael Roth said: “The system we’ve come up with is the most ideal we know of. Firstly, not everyone has been notified yet they were successful in getting a ticket. Secondly, the person who applied for the ticket MUST be the one who picks up the pass and the wristband. They will be given another loose wristband which they then can choose who to give to.” (ANI)

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