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Jacko may scrap more gigs due to skin cancer treatment

London, May 29 (ANI): Michael Jackson may have to scrap more of his concerts in the UK due to his treatment for skin cancer.

The King of Pop, who was diagnosed with skin cancer last month, might have to undergo gruelling radiotherapy to beat the disease.
His friends are worried that the therapy could leave the 50-year-old star so exhausted that he might even have to cancel other July gigs.

Jacko has already postponed the first four UK dates of his 50-show tour at London’s O2 arena, leaving 80,000 fans disappointed.

While Specialists in California’s Beverly Hills have removed potentially lethal growths from his nose and arm, they are worried about a patch that remains on his chest.

One treatment option is to remove it layer by layer, which would not have any impact on his tour.

However, experts have insisted that radiotherapy is more effective.

“Michael has a devil of a decision. The temptation is to go for the treatment, which will allow him to perform,” the Sun quoted a close source as saying.

“The last thing he wants is to let down his fans. But it may well turn out that radiation therapy is still needed if the cancer is deep in his cells.

“That can have really nasty side effects and leave him unable to sing at all.”

“Everyone is praying that more dates will still go ahead,” the source added

Last night, a spokesman for Jacko insisted: “He is in great health.” (ANI)

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