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Jacko’s pal Bubbles the chimp not to attend his funeral

London, July 2 (ANI): Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s old friend Bubbles the chimp will not be attending his funeral.

The ape will be kept 3,000 miles away when Jackson is laid to rest in California, and it will spend the day listening to “calming flute music” at the animal sanctuary in Wauchula, Florida, where it presently lives.

“It is sad for Bubbles but it is better that he stays here,” the Sun quoted a spokesman for the Centre For Great Apes as saying.

He revealed that staff at the centre have “not said anything” to Bubbles about Jackson’s death thus far.

He, however, added: “There has been no invitation for him to attend the funeral. Maybe we’ll mark the occasion another way.”

Bubbles, who is presently 26 years old, was rescued by Jackson from a cancer research centre in 1985. It then went on to live in the singer’s house, and often wore matching outfits.

Jackson eventually gave the ape up amid fears that it was growing aggressive.

The chimp is presently much healthier than when it was Jacko’s companion, and is said to be at the heart of a Hollywood movie and book deal.

It now spends his days painting, listening to music, and playing with an older chimp called Sam. (ANI)

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