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Jack Tweed kept in ‘safe suicide wing’ to avoid trouble with bullies

London, April 16 (ANI): Jailed Jack Tweed has been put in a single cell along with inmates on suicide watch to shield him from other prisoners looking to bully him, according to sources.

Jade Goody’s grieving widower had been found guilty of attacking a taxi driver after losing his drunken temper over the fare and had been subsequently sentenced to 12 weeks in jail.

The 21-year-old had been allegedly targeted by his inmates last time he spent a week in jail in 2008 at the start of a five-month term for attacking a 16-year-old with a golf club.

Fearing a repeat incident, Chelmsford Prison chiefs were said to have locked Tweed in the prison’s “safest” area, the healthcare wing.

“Jack was having nightmares about returning as he was picked on so badly last time because of his celebrity status,” the Sun quoted a jail source as saying.

“There are genuine concerns that he could be targeted, it’s the sort of thing the tough guys would brag about to their mates.

“The last thing the governor wants is for someone like Jack with a high media profile to take a shoeing. They’d rather give him the soft soap treatment than risk bad headlines,” the source added.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “We cannot comment on individual prisoners. Those who are deemed vulnerable during their period in custody will be managed accordingly.

“Any prisoner who feels their safety is compromised can apply to be separated from the general prison population.” (ANI)

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