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Is Sienna Miller moving on to Josh Hartnett?

London, May 17 (ANI) Sienna Miller seems to have finally parted ways with married oil heir and actor Balthazar Getty. And now, the actress has reportedly set her sights on movie hunk Josh Hartnett.

According to sources, Miller flew to Hartnett’s bedside in New York when he got a bad tummy bug and nursed him back to health – and they chat all the time on the phone.

“Josh and Sienna have a unique bond. They understand each other and I wouldn’t be surprised if a relationship blossomed,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

Miller and Getty began dating after they were introduced by the actress’ ‘Edge of Love’ co-star Matthew Rhys last May.

The relationship led to her being branded a home-wrecker.

A pal said: “Sienna loved being with Balthazar but there was too much baggage and she couldn’t commit to anything more than a few months. They are still good friends.” (ANI)

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