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Indebted Jacko spent £4m on statues of Peter Pan, kids, claims ex-lawyer

London, May 26 (ANI): Michael Jackson splurged almost 4 million pounds on statues of Peter Pan and kids while being laden with debts, claims his former lawyer.

Raymone Bain is suing the King of Pop for 33 million pounds claiming her share for deals brokered for the singer between 2003 and 2006.

According to papers filed at the District Court for the US District of Columbia, the Thriller hitmaker filled his Neverland ranch with life-size bronze statues of kids playing on slides or dancing while holding hands.

And he was alleged to have funded the artworks from the 16 million pounds he received for “personal expenses” after putting his half of the ATV Music Publishing company to Sony for sale in 2006.

“The magnitude of his spending is legendary as he has earned and dissipated several fortunes,” the Sun quoted court documents filed by Bain as saying.

“Mr Jackson’s pattern has been to spend to the brink of insolvency and then borrow against his assets to further feed his spending. His unbridled spending would give any other individual a moment of pause,” it was added.

It was further alleged: “Mr Jackson exhibited and continues to exhibit impulsive and irresponsible spending habits without regard to the financial limits of his earnings.”

Most of the statues have now been placed under the hammer to raise money for the star. (ANI)

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